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Innovator of a higher standard, using cutting-edge technologies and theories to lead the way. Aquaristik Innovation from conception has been at the forefront of mariculture improvements, selecting the very best methods, equipment and programs to care for aquatic inhabitants.

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Anemone fish with host

Anemone fish with host

Sea creature (Pseudocolochirus)

Sea creature (Pseudocolochirus)

Jellyfish in aquarium

Jellyfish in aquarium








UK aquatic specialist with innovative solutions to care for aquatic life. Offering the best living environment possible.
Pride ourself on education through the adoption of forward thinking methods of maintenance, care and support using outstanding products to support aquatic life.

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Leaders In Reverse Osmosis
 for 17 years, working EVERYDAY to keep that promise.

Aqua Fx manufacture the best water treatment systems in the USA, not just plug in a couple of tubes, they maintain a shop of Americans hard at work. with a reputation for producing the finest quality Water Treatment Systems with all the Parts and Pieces. They have the BEST Water treatment engineering experience available period. With an industry client list of universitys, public aquariums and retail store as long as a sleeve and kudos to match.

Start with the best by buying the best souch water treatment system.



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*Engineers render of non production test function models.


Founded in 2010, AVAST Marine Works designs and build an array of unique marine aquarium filtration equipment in Virginia, USA.

Focusing on quality components, with a mind towards affordability, high quality and DIY approch. Their products are a treasure trove for the Do-It-Yourself-minded aquarist, from ready-to-assemble reactor kits to precision cut-to-length acrylic tube.

AVAST Marine Works is not your typical aquarium equipment manufacturer. They are passionate aquarists with a knack for building high quality products.


Are a premier manufacturer of acrylic products specializing in aquarium life support systems. They make but the highest quality hand built artisan products available.

Know for attention to detail that sets them apart from all others. They focus on the quality of their products first!​

Driven by the use of cutting edge technology and innovation pushing the envelope allowing them to create the most advanced designs available to the aquarium hobbyist and professionals.

“Made In the U.S.A” and proud to be a company that puts emphasis on supporting US companies by using US made raw materials for their own products. They are Involved In the Reefing Community – They not only manufacture high quality products, They are avid reefers and part of the core understanding what Reef Aquariums require and what works best.


Proudly the official UK importer and distributor.

Makers of the famous auto-exchange acclimation system for aquarium fish. Acclimate, trap, isolate and transport with one device. Perfect for saltwater fish, freshwater fish, anemones, invertebrates and corals. Made in Longmont, Colorado
USA. Reef Gently is dedicated to creating top of the line, easy to use products, to support you and share in the efforts to make our hobby more responsible, convenient, and enjoyable!


UK importer and distributor of printed copies for the highly acclaimed US magazine.

 Founded in 2007 California, USA teaches hobbyists of all levels how to succeed at reef-keeping. The magazine is published in print in the U.S. and is also available online for hobbyists through its website. Having an emphasis on responsible reef-keeping, many of the articles offer information on captive breeding and propagation of reef fish and corals

AquaBee Pumps & COVE Skimmers

Aquabee founded in 1977 are developers and manufacturers of industrial quality pumps, filters, skimmers and associated accessories. For years AquaBee has been synonymous with quality and high performance water pumps. With it's respected knowledge and experience in tool and pump construction led it to being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many prominent brands and skimmers, Now with a range of innovative, feature rich and quality pumps under its own name. I are happy to offer their pumps and Skimmers.



BCUK Aquatics, manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality frozen fish food and dried tropical and marine foods. Their emphasis is on delivering high-quality products at responsible price points. With this in mind all of the aquarium nutrition supplies and accessories are manufactured in the UK using state of the art techniques and mercenary. This commitment to quality, value and constantly looking to improve and innovate makes us proud to be a stockist, delivering cutting edge products to all our customer.

BCUK offer an extensive collection of products and ranges that we have selected from to offer you the best nutritional vales to your aquatic inhabitants.

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