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So, What does Aquaristik mean...?


A technical German term that can be simplified by some but I like to explain it as follows:

Think of it as the activities connected with the operation of an aquarium and the care of the animals kept within it, be it practiced professionally for organisations or as an amateur for leisure. True "aquarists" have the welfare and safekeeping of the creatures within their aquariums at the heart of what they do. The "aquaristik" label is for all who are proud of the passion, hard work and time they put into aquatics.


So, here we are...


After many years since the beginnings of my fascination with all things aquatic - acquiring new friends, travelling thousands of miles, holding numerous meetings and putting in hours of dedication...

I am finally happy to say that Aquaristik Innovation is up and swimming along, stronger than ever expected...

I started out as a hobbyist, moving rather quickly to obsessor and, after a number of years, I finally decided it was time to embrace my passion and to share what I have learnt.

I now have a growing collection available for sale of what I use, with core essentials, specialised tools and ground-breaking technology.


If this is your first plunge with me, I welcome you to my collection of carefully-selected and developed goods that I personally use. To the rest of you, it's great to have you back and I hope you continue to enjoy what I have to offer from myself benchmarked gear.


One thing I hope you will be happy to hear is that I have many plans for the future.

Tristan Lambert

Mr. Aquaristik Innovation

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