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As featured in UltraMarine Magazine UK


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Waterfall concept of a scrubber is

currently in continual development with Kickstarter campaign scheduled for early 2019 hoping to change the way forward of scrubbers as we know them.

Algae Turf Scrubber ATS...


Clearwater Probably the most popular and commercially available scrubber due to winning the award form BRS for Best filtration 2017. Clearwater are form across the pond in Kansas USA and have quickly gained a strong reputation in the scrubber community.


Algae Turf Scrubbers-CI Relatively small company that is based in Guernsey Channel Islands UK for more than 4 years. They have a great user driven private facebook group with many happy followers.

Aquarium Store Depot ASD With the patents expiring on scrubbers, ASD partnered with a manufacturer to create high quality scrubbers for those not able of creating a DIY solution. ASD scrubbers are made in the USA, with LED technology, quality acrylic and PVC fixtures, and designed off the waterfall principle.

302 Aquatics Are a small manufacturing and design company based  in the USA That have been in the Hobby for over 35 years. First made aware of scrubbers at frag show in 2008, Liking the idea but not its implementation came up with a waterfall in a closed box design. Their design worked so well for themselves, They wanted to make them for everyone. Apparently they have made few design changes because the original worked so well. They offer numerous sizes and custom versions as well as commercial units with over 50 different model variations available.

Turbo's Aquatics (Bud Carlson "Floyd R Turbo") This dude started making/selling scrubbers mid 2012 his had enough demand to keep him busy making them a few a week himself and has a waiting list of eager customers wanting to be part of the scrubber fraternity. His revised his original version 3 times and in 2016 saw his 4th version hit the market! His also got a forum on the subject that helps this community.

Santa Monica From its namesake of Santa Monica, California USA, Offer a range of different styles of algae scrubbers with various engenius versions. Noteworthy is the waterfall design that is covered by a box rather than actually in a box RAIN 2 and RAIN 4.

BeanAnimal (William Burnett) One of my favourite websites on aquatic based anything on this link you will see his scrubber building foray.

Algal Turf Scrubber™

Cyclone Reef (Gary schultze) This proud chap has a home made Wix website and YouTube where you can "DONATE" U$D 7.50 for his plans of a DIY generic style Scrubber that uses parts that you can get cheap on eBay such as "Chinese imported" LEDs. He also has plans of how to build a Wooden frame stand for an aquarium.

University of Maryland, USA

Website with general overview of scrubbers

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