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Now that the Swabbie has increased skimmate production while also reducing the frequency of skimmer cleaning, wouldn't it be nice not to have to empty your smelly collection cups as often, or even better, worry about messy skimmate overflows?

Sinks two boats with one cannonball: isolate skimmate while purifying stinky exhaust air, as well as provide a failsafe mechanism to shut off overflowing skimmers.

This is the super-sized version of our popular Davy Jones' Skimmate Locker.  Now you can safely contain just under 5 gallons of terrible smelling reef poo in your fish room or very large tank stand.  We've opted to use a nice two-part bucket lid (click photo for large detail).  The bottom ring snaps securely to your average 5-gallon bucket, with a rubber gasket to help prevent spills when carrying.  Then, the top portion of the lid threads into the ring, also with a rubber gasket, which makes opening quick and easy.  Simply pull the sensor and drain tube fittings and carry to your favorite skimmate dump site. 


Technical Data  

Footprint: 5-gallon bucket (roughly 12" diameter)
Total height: +5" above bucket rim

Capacity: Varies by bucket size
Power Input: 240v AC
Relay Box Capacity: 3 amps
Switch Rating: 10+ mil cycles

Davy Jones' Skimmate Superlocker (EU/UK)

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