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The RLSS FR6 filter is a generic filter that can be used as a fluid bed or as a biopellet reactor ..


Diameter of 18.5 cm, Height of 47.5 cm .

so the nominal capacity is just over 8 liters.

This makes the filter more suitable for large aquariums or to function with biopellets than with antiphosphate resins.


Strong Construction made of acrylic with funnel closure at the bottom which allows an excellent return flow distributed along the circular surface.

Two black sponges are provided, which do not allow the material to fall into the overturned funnel or to make it fall outwards.


The flow of water comes from the central tube, and is distributed over the whole area of ​​the filter by the particular conformation so that the flow is dispersed directly over the containment sponge.


The RLSS FR6 filter, like virtually all RLSS constructions, uses large amounts of plastic screws, certainly good for avoiding corrosion or oxidationirst.

Two hose ports for water inlet and outlet from the filter.

RLSS FR6 Media Reactor

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